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Where To Learn .Net Development For Free

Elements of the Microsoft .NET Framework versi...

Elements of the Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Where To Learn .Net Development For Free

People who are interested in learning .net development will be pleased to know that they can learn it online and for free. Below are three of the best websites that teaches people about .net, and for free too. is a great websites that offers free online training for .net development. This website has different sections that will allow people to learn how to build single web pages and web forms. This website offers people some of the easiest ways to learn .net because people are able to choose which courses they want to complete, and everything is explained in great detail.
Unlike the first website listed, this website does not provide people with courses. Instead, people are able to download free .net development tools, and then people can get hands-on experience when they use these tools. There are over 40 developer tools that people can download, and this is why this website is one of the best sites to go to when a person wants to learn .net.
This website provides weekly lessons to people who want to learn about .net development, all without paying any money at all. The website provides a total of 15 lessons, which includes an introduction to .net, the fundamentals of the framework and even information about file systems and streams. This website provides very detailed lessons to people.

If a person wants to learn .net for free, then the above three websites are the best places to go to. The above websites not only teach people for free, but they make the learning process as fun as possible. If anybody is interested in learning .net, then they should visit one of the above websites soon.

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