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Top Blogging Tips for Great Content

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Top Blogging Tips for Great Content

If you are just starting out or are in need of a refresher on what is important in blogging, we have some blogging tips for you today. From understanding what you readers are looking for to working with others in your niche, we have some suggestions that you should have a look at.

Know the audience of your blog.

Keep communication with your readers open by interacting on the blog in the comment area and discussing articles on Twitter, Facebook and Google with your followers. If a reader emails you, respond as quickly as possible. If there is one article that has attracted a lot of comments, improve that article or write an article that expands on the topic.

Partner with bloggers in your niche.

Find blogs that are on the same topic areas as yours and follow them. Interact on their posts to become more familiar with the writers and the readers. Expand on topics they have written about on their blogs and link back to them. Discuss writing an article for them on a topic they have already begun to cover.

Keep content fresh on your blog.

Follow a schedule, preferably posting every day. This will allow your readers to know when they should check back for more tips. Encourage readers to follow you on Twitter and Facebook or through your RSS feed. Then post unique content to Twitter and Facebook. Make sure to use a plugin that links to related articles on your site, so your readers can quickly find interesting material you have already written.

Watch your stats and know what topics are popular.

If the search engines begin to send your blog a lot of traffic around a certain keyword group, make sure to cover that area regularly. Alexa is nice for keyword research if you are not plugged into Google Analytics or some other popular analytics software. Follow topics on Google with Alerts that your blog is popular for, and write about news stories that happen within that area.

SEO is still important.

Make sure to use the Yoast SEO plugin in Wordpress and edit all your posts until they score in the green. Use keywords in the title, the url, the image alt tags and the h1/h2 tags. Make the posts decent lengths (400 words +) and only link out to truly important, relevant, highly trusted websites. Repurpose your material a couple of times and link back to your original posts.

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