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A Few Common Webinar Hosting Packages

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Small businesses do not normally have the equipment to host webinars in house. A number of services help their proprietors connect with their employees over the internet. Some of these software packages are provided by well-known companies, and other packages rely on the open source model of software development.

GotoMeeting is the most popular webinar tool in use today. It gives the small business the tools necessary to set up online meetings, and it provides organizational tools to keep the presentations flowing logically. The software works with most operating systems, and it has the lowest learning curve for the users and hosts. Gotomeeting's pricing structure may prevent small businesses from using it..

Another company realizes that the price of their webinar services is a concern for small business owners. They solved this problem by making their product free for people who want to host webinars with fewer than 150 guests. Freebinar provides the ideal webinar hosting for small businesses. The company charges for hosts that exceed this limit.

IBM stopped making personal computers decades ago, but they still have their hat in the webinar ring. Lotus Unyte lets users experiment with webinars through its free trial. If the user just wants to synchronize his data between desktop PCs, he can subscribe to the one user model. A small business owner just needs to find the model that works for him.

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