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How Panda Update Affected SEO Techniques

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The most important thing in every individuals mind today is that because of the Google farmer / Panda update the act of article promotion has lost some of its value. Some of these individuals have found if an article is totally dependent on search engine traffic, it may no longer drive clicks to the website and has lost its high ranking on Google.

A major thing which is missed by almost all of the article dealers is the community factor on most of these sites. Not the whole thing, article encyclopedias are just a source of trainings and not more than that. In most of the networks for article individuals can interact with each other through the help of forums, comments, as well as areas where they can ask questions and anyone can answer them according to his/her knowledge which help them in enhancing their knowledge and the quality of content they write.

Main purpose of Panda

The modifications are applied in order to remove the content which is of low quality, or the spam content through which most of the websites try to come before the other in search engines. You must know that now Google is also trying to eliminate such results which are irrelevant or are not related to the query the visitors search for as well as the update in Panda is also affecting these sites.

Most of the websites which are affected by Panda Update are Ezine articles, Wisegeek, and Mahalo, etc. Whereas, I was surprised by this news that Ezine was also affected as they do look over the internet and edit their articles. Now they have said, they will be stricter in accepting the articles.

Effects of it on SEO

Publication of content just to grab traffic on the website is not a respectable idea. The is the only reason due to which we get to know of Panda Update- as many websites just for the sake of generating traffic publish such content and the main idea behind is to generate revenue when the visitors click on ads on their website.

Their main focus is only to generate more traffic on their website not the quality of content which is posted on their website. We have to get real in this fact that people always want helpful, true and quality content – and Google is helps us a lot in removing such sites which are not helpful for us.

Maintaining a Durable Article Marketing Operation

Following are few keyways through which you can maintain a durable article marketing operation. 

  1. The content should be 100% unique, attractive content.
  2. Cooperation with article marketing community.

First of all find the individuals concerned in your industry by the help of queries area, forums and through examining the related topic written by various authors. Communicate with them, compare their articles within the network and rate them, it is sure that they will return your favor.

  1. Promotion of your articles

Traffic doesn’t only depend on search engines. However, the other sources of generating traffic to your content are Blog commenting, Community media, and forums but they should be used correctly to promote them. Your main focus here should be to just figure out the targeted fans, communities and blogs, in order to communicate with and share your content which will help you in improving your content.

It might take some time for Panda Update to start affecting these sites, traffic data, but this was, which is known to us so far. Apart from the update of panda we should always try to use such material on our articles which is relevant and the material should be of good quality and helpful for the one who will read it.

Flodner is a freelance seo analyst and a poet, who writes about different web events, mac fix, social media as well as about registry cleaner and hardware.

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