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Google Tools for Your Dental Website

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When it comes to everything that has to do with websites, Google is the first to pop in any person’s head. Most dentists may not know much about dental SEO, but for those who do know a few things about websites they know that the only way to make any dental website shoot up to the first page of the search engine results is to get the attention of Google. However, that is not the only contribution that Google has to the World Wide Web. An entire collection of tools offered by Google are helpful in dental practice marketing.  The best part of all is that they are for free.

Google Maps
Internet savvy dentists know that patients now use Google Maps to get to establishments which they haven’t been to yet. This very convenient tool will allow any reasonable person to reach any local dental clinic without having to stay on the line for 20 minutes asking the front desk person for directions. Other than the fact that the use of this tool is for free, it is very easy to get any dental clinic on the map. After registering for a Google account, go to your Google Accounts page and then choose Google Places. Instructions will be provided on how to get a dental clinic listed. To verify your listing, Google will call you to give the verification number so be sure to stand by your phone after registering. This tool can even be integrated in any dental website so that visitors can easily make use of the Google Maps tool without having to leave the dental site.

Google Alerts

This is a perfect tool for those who want to keep an eye on their online reputation. Damage control is always required when negative reviews are posted online and it is better to know about these pesky reviews sooner than later. What Google Alerts does is to alert you whenever your clinic is mentioned. The process of opting into this service is quick and easy. From the Google Accounts page, click on Alerts and then Manage. You will be required to type in keywords which Google will keep tabs on for you. You can write down your clinic’s name, the names of your competitors, your city and any other topic that you would be interested in. Once you are doing filling up everything, you will start receiving alerts in that very same day.

Elliot Pearson Writes as a specialist for Dentist Identity who provides Dental Websites and Dental SEO

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