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Social media management tools have been the recent buzz in the market. Social media management tools can help one make use of public networking activities for business purposes such as marketing campaign, lead generation and contact management. There is no better way to exploit the raging popularity of social networking websites in order to bank some money or spread the word about your business without throwing in lots of money. In some cases, one will not have to spend a dime on social media management tools, yet be able to reach to a massive size of audience. Below is the list of few social business tools that companies can use for their advantage.

Services such as can be used free of cost by online users to update numerous networking websites by merely taking the time to make a few mouse clicks.  Ping is a simple service that enables users to update their message or post to various popular websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger etc.

Tweetdeck is another popular resource that companies can use for their advantage in order to advertise their products or services. Tweetdeck allows you to manage your Twitter, Facebook and other accounts with the aid of single interface for free.

Few other similar websites that are hugely popular amongst the masses are micro blogging, photo sharing, RSS and bookmarking sites. These websites are used for one or many reasons because they all serve a fruitful purpose for an online marketer. They have proven to be a cost effective means to reach the target audience.

There are numerous other resources out there that can be used by companies, especially for their marketing campaigns. The fact that such sites enable one to advertise their business for a relatively low cost, it is gaining widespread popularity amongst the masses with every passing day.

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