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DotNetNuke Module Development

DotNetNuke Module Development

If you are looking to get started developing DotNetNuke (DNN) custom modules, a couple of good resources are available to aid in the endeavor. DNN Creative Magazine offers a number of of video tutorials on module development which you can access once you create an account with the magazine’s website. Another good source I found was presented by ADEF with an introduction in addition to using LINQ, DAL+, and Creating a Full Complete Module.

I had hoped to hire out the development of a number of DNN custom modules through the online freelance service, But my first project posting related to software development did not return the kind of developers I was seeking. I am now looking to either spend the time myself to developed the modules or seek out additional resources for this development. I have heard good things about, therefore that will be my next stop in my DNN Module Development project.

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