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Making your Blog/Site Mobile

Making your Blog/Site Mobile

I have read a number of posts recently about making your blog mobile and found two pretty good versions that anyone can use for their site. The first uses Google Reader to present your RSS feed in a mobile way. And the second creates a more true mobile version with and their technology. According to most posts, adding mobile ability to your site increases traffic by a fairly good amount.

Google Reed RSS Feed

To create the RSS feed Google Reader version you simply need to add the location of your RSS feed to a Google Reader mobile link and then post the link on your website to allow your readers to switch to the mobile view when they return to your website.

The link will look like this:[your website]

For the FryingPan Sports site, the link is: Mobile Version

For the version of your mobile website, you will need to install a Mobilize WP Plugin and then add their widget to the sidebar of your Wordpress blog. Or you can create an account with and they will provide you with the code necessary to advertise your mobile version on any kind of web site, regardless of the CMS application running.

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