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Darksma Trojan and Other Bugs

Darksma Trojan and Other Bugs

I recently found the Darksma Trojan and other similar viruses on one of my home computers and spent a number of weeks cleaning the system. I found three tools to be very helpful in removing these difficult to delete bugs; CA Yahoo! Anti-Spy, Malwarebytes, and ComboFix.

CA Yahoo! Anti-Spy

This tool is part of the Firefox Yahoo! Toolbar and scans your computer looking for Spyware but also finds Trojans and Malware. This was the first detection of Darksma and several other Trojans on my system. It attempted to delete the issues but was not able to remove many of the problems from Windows normal mode or safe mode. It was helpful will a couple of problems but the more difficult to remove Trojans continued to appear when it scanned. In addition there were random pop-up IE windows which did not subside after removal of all the Trojans CA Yahoo! Anti-Spy found.


MalwareBytes was the second option I found which provided better scanning of my system and good deletion of a number of issues. I took this product to all my computers and it was able to find problems with every computer that I scanned. I would recommend doing a similar scan on all of your systems. AT this point I felt that I was done until my Virus Scan detected infected files during use.


The final fix was the with the use ComboFix which I found through an online forum for Malware removal, This application performed the most advanced scan of the system and removed all traces of the Trojans and other bugs that were causing issues for weeks.

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