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Graph Search, A New Facebook Development

English: Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook, an...

English: Mark Zuckerberg, founder Facebook, and Jet Li in Davos, Switzerland, 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Graph Search, A New Facebook Development

A new Facebook development has been announced. Graph Search is an innovated, internal search engine with clear-cut precision developed by the Facebook team. At an event held at Menlo Park campus, Mark Zuckerberg presented the three segments of Facebook which are the timeline, newsfeed and the most recent Graph Search.

Zuckerberg held this press release to disclose a new Facebook development to let everyone know what exciting changes are in store for Facebook. In an explanation of exactly what Graph Search is, Zuckerberg portrayed the new feature as an internal search engine that is different from a regular online search engine.

Graph Search takes a particular search question and returns a precise answer, such as "ask Facebook who are my friends who reside in California" and the all new Facebook search engine comes back with the correct response. Zuckerberg added further that the search is dynamic when users are keying in queries.

According to Zuckerberg, they wanted to formulate a Facebook development that would be more natural to assist with searches for people so that it takes place within Facebook. Graph Search was crafted with privacy in mind. All content on Facebook has an audience of its own and much of the content is not public.

Keeping privacy in mind, the Facebook development respects the confidentiality of the audience, but makes locating information a lot easier. However, nothing is seen that could not be viewed somewhere else on Facebook. It is there, already if you know where to look and you will be able to find it with the new search engine.

With this new development, using the innovative search tool for dating was illustrated through a search of "friends of friends that are single". It can also broaden to create picture databases. So far the development of the search engine remains in the beginning stages and is only designed for users of the English language.

As usual, reports have spread that the new announcement would be about a new Facebook phone, search engine or that Facebook planned to declare a fee for using the news feed. No one was actually sure what would take place. Investors were all excited about the future Facebook development and this increased share prices by one percent, before the Graph Search feature was even announced. Investors believed that no matter what Facebook had planned, it would be good for the social network.

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