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Facebook's New Developers Live Video Channel

Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook (Photo credit: JAMES ANTHONY CAMPBELL)

Facebook's New Developers Live Video Channel

Google started a Developers Live Video channel for developers and now Facebook is following in its footsteps with the development of Facebook Developers Live video channel. Effective today, this channel will showcase news updates, speaking sessions, tutorials and much more.

According to Facebook, people will be able to view live broadcasts as well as previously recorded videos. This enables developers to access the latest information and make contact with product designers and engineers. Doug Purdy, director of product for Facebook, shared that the first broadcast will be on February 19.

Facebook shares that this live video channel is focused on game and mobile developers in addition to publishers and websites that are looking to learn more about using Facebook to bring traffic to their sites. This new site is part of Facebook's ongoing commitment to improve the relationship with developers, which they call "Operation Developer Love."

Google's developer video channel currently has a thorough collection of developer hours through Google Hangouts. It also has a large library of videos about Google's services for developers. Google tends to offer some live videos on the channel. However, Facebook has not announced if it will be offering such a comprehensive schedule for its followers.

Facebook, through Facebook Live, was already offering a video channel that was more customer focused for some time. Unfortunately, that channel plays outdated material such as a September 2011 F8 conference. The hope is that the new channel will carry more current information.

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