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Twitter Follows LinkedIn, Facebook and Google With Ad API

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Twitter Follows LinkedIn, Facebook and Google With Ad API

In an attempt to get more advertising without hiring a good number of new sales members, Twitter opened its Ad API to the public today. This follows other technology companies that have made similar moves including Google, Facebook and LinkedIn. This makes it easy for large buyers to quickly setup and manage campaigns with in-house programmers. Small businesses can continue to use the web-based interface provided by Twitter for small transactions.

Large organizations will be able to integrate the API into the same campaign creation and management utilities they use for many other platforms. These individual software packages produced at large organizations are able to mine for better placement and better pricing then is available to others. This frees up Twitter personnel to work closely with mid-sized companies to improve the web-based application and provide specific features for them.

Third parties can also get involved in selling ads on the Twitter platform, shaving off small commissions in the process. This allows Twitter to focus on technology and not on sales and hiring sales teams.

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