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AWS Compared Google Compute Engine Cloud Services

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AWS Compared Google Compute Engine Cloud Services

Both Amazon and Google have lowered what they charge for their Cloud services among many others. The thing is, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Google Compute Engine (GCE) have brought down their costs significantly in an all-out competition. Besides this, Google has gone a step further and increased the number of virtual servers it has, providing great choice. It has also made its service Euro-friendly.

There is an increasing competition where a publicly used cloud platform and its infrastructure services are concerned. Vendors are in direct competition with each other as well as with private entities offering private as well as hybrid cloud. Despite Google and Amazon having their massive reputations to support them, it is always the price that influences a company to move to another service provider.

Amazon is trying encourage a larger variety of Windows-based products that can be supported on its infrastructure. The price for its Windows on Demand has been decreased by around 26 percent. This is the EC@2 or Elastic Compute Cloud. The savings can touch the $2000 per quarter mark for most clients. It has even reduced the price of its Simple Storage Service (S3). One can also run Linux and other databases in the Amazon cloud for a lower price.

Google, in the mean-time, has reduced prices by four percent. Clients can now run their Linus Virtual Machines as part of the infrastructure-as-a-service offering from Google. By lowering its prices, Google is bringing additional companies in to make use of the Compute Engine platform. It is currently available for all those who use the Google's Gold Support package.

Compute Engine and Amazon Web Services are not the only things changing, improvements can also be seen in the management console as well as the running of virtual servers in Europe. All companies that have been utilizing Google's App Engine, its Cloud Storage as well as the Cloud SQL can now run applications and store data in the same place. This reduces latency and pushes performance up.

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