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Google Affiliate Network Closing

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Google Affiliate Network Closing

Google Affiliate Network was set up to connect publishers with advertisers.  Publishers could use the network to promote products to earn a commission from sales, and publishers could earn a percentage of each sale from a link generated on their site.  Google has recently announced that Google Affiliate Network is closing soon because they are concentrating on different products and services for both publishers and advertisers. 

Google feels that other products will be more beneficial to advertisers and publishers, so they want to devote more time and resources to developing different products with hopes of better results. 

GAN closing will take several months, and Google will continue to support their customers during this period of time.  They are offering AdSense as an alternative to Google Affiliate Network, and they encourage publishers to use AdSense to earn money on their blogs and websites. 

For marketers, Google suggests moving to Product Listing Ads to drive sales and increase conversions.  These areas are going to be the focus for Google to help advertisers, and they will continue to develop them and invest the time and money as needed to make them work better for advertisers. 

Google plans to end Google Affiliate Network on July 31, 2013.  Publishers will receive all payments for activity prior to this date, even if they did not meet the minimum needed for cashing out.  Publishers have until October 31, 2013 to download reports and process payments for their Google Affiliate Network account. 

If you are currently using Google Affiliate Network to make money from your blog or website, you will need to find an alternate affiliate network before July 31, 2013.  You can also add AdSense ads to your site to increase revenue.

There are several other affiliate networks available to use, so take the time to browse them and do some research.  The best one for your site depends on your niche and which products you highlight for your readers.  The revenue share from each affiliate network varies, so be sure you read the terms and conditions before signing up.

Google Affiliate Network Closing Down

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