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What To Expect At Google I/O

Screenshot of Android 4 on Galaxy Nexus

Screenshot of Android 4 on Galaxy Nexus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What To Expect At Google I/O

This year Google I/O plans to outdo last year's presentation, but the bar is set pretty high.  After revealing the Nexus 7 tablet last year this year Google plans to not outdo itself in presentation but to be relaxed.  A common rumor is Google Glass, Chrome, Wallet, Music and Google Maps are getting updates.

In the world of Android expect a game center and new updates at Google I/O.  The Google Game Center for Android will be a central place where players can play games, compete with each other and post scores.  Developers will have an easier time creating games because of the easy access.  Android updates are expected but no one knows how much of an upgrade Android will get.  Rumored updates are minor, but it can be as big as creating a new version of the phone. 

In the hardware department the latest gossip is a new tablet and a myriad chat service.  The new tablet, if it comes to pass, has a better chance of being a Nexus 7 upgrade than an entirely new tablet.  A new version of a Motorola phone, the Motorola X, may make a debut at Google I/O.  However, it will be a preview rather than a product launch.  Babel, (pronounced Babble), will unite the myriad chat services such as Google +, Drive and Gmail into a united front of communication.

What to expect at Google I/O 2013

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