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Foxconn Developing A Minimum Of 5 Firefox OS Devices

English: Firefox 3 mac os x

English: Firefox 3 mac os x (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Foxconn Developing A Minimum Of 5 Firefox OS Devices

The nascent Mozilla Firefox OS, which hopes to become the third most popular operating system in mobile devices, has added an important ally to its roster. Foxconn, the frontrunner in contract electronics manufacturing has announced that it will be developing at least 5 devices running on the FireFoX OS.  Young Liu, Foxconn's general manager has indicated that the company may develop smartphones, laptops, televisions and tablets for Firefox. Meanwhile, Li Gong, Mozilla's senior-VC for mobile devices has expressed the hope that the partnership with Foxconn will help the company in attracting other manufacturers for its new OS.

Foxconn has stressed that it will not launch its own brand, it is just stimulating the transition from desktop computers to mobile computing devices by helping Firefox OS actualize in devices.  Mozilla also displayed a 10-inch mobile tablet prototype running on the Firefox OS. The company, however, declined to name the tablet's manufacturer. The first devices running on Firefox OS are expected to hit the retail market by the middle of this year. Five top vendors including LG, Sony, and Huawei have tied up with 18 carriers to sell Firefox OS mobile devices.

Is Firefox Bound for Success? The operating system's tie-up with Foxconn may turn to be highly favorable for it.  The Taiwanese manufacturer is the world's leading contract electronics manufacturer. It is also one of the most-trusted with Apple's iPhone and many other devices from top companies like Nokia, Sony and HP being entrusted to its manufacturing facilities. Firefox has a powerful ally in its plan to contend with the current market leaders- Android and iOS.

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