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CodeEd Partners with GoDaddy to Teach Programming


CodeEd is a Boston company that teaches computer programming to girls in middle school to create interest and help them become more proficient. The idea behind the project is to bring in volunteers that work in technology to work on creative projects with middle school and high school students so that they will pursue careers in technology and decrease the gender gap that currently exists. The Godaddy involvement includes recruiting volunteers and providing resources so the classes can continue.

The CodeEd courses involve projects the students find interesting and are worked on in a collaborative environment. From web site development to application programming, the students learn valuable skills they can apply in the workplace. CodeEd is hoping Godaddy’s involvement in the program will lead to other organizations making donations to increase the number of locations and classes. GoDaddy has a site that describes their work helping the community at This marks a big change in culture for an organization that started out doing Superbowl advertisements with Hooter style models.

Code-ED: How it works

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