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Google Rankings With Freshness Update


The freshness update that Google has implemented in its algorithm opens up greater opportunities for websites to increase their overall rankings. With slight adjustments to older content bloggers can benefit from this update. The Google Freshness Update is great for searchers because it ensures fresh content and also benefits bloggers who are rewarded for making the appropriate changes to their content.

Bloggers can update content via different methods. The following goes a little deeper into these methods.

Because Google wishes to reward bloggers who create content more frequently, websites that update their content on a regular basis will be scored with higher rankings. But, just posting new content more frequently is not the only factor that should be considered. The quality of your content is also important. Posting high quality content on a regular basis is the best combination to ensure your SERP rankings increase.

In addition, there are several embedded perks that come with the Google freshness update. For instance, when a blog publishes content on a regular basis, it will be indexed more quickly enabling you to reach the SERP's for targeted keywords more quickly than the competition. Google bots are equipped with a memory to know when fresh content will be published and they return to index pages accordingly.

Also, regular posting increases your authority with visitors to your site who will share your content with others which will result in more traffic. Ensuring that your content is not only fresh but also of high quality only adds to your authority.

One other benefit...with updated content, you increase the chances of getting authority links that point back to your site resulting in a boost to keyword rankings within the SERP.

How to Add Freshness to a Website (Google Freshness Update)

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