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The New Certification Program For Mobile Site Developers

New Launch from Google -- Certification Program for Mobile Site Developers

Mobile Site Developers

Today, the new launch from Google includes a certification for mobile site developers. The exam for this program covers a number of important aspects, such as the basics of how to improve site speed for mobile users, mobile UX designs that are effective, and why mobile sites matter, as well as more advanced topics such as progressive web apps.

According to Google, passing the program is designed to show that you have achieved a demonstrated ability to effectively build and optimize quality websites; it also gives you a tool that can be used to promote yourself as a mobile site developer, accredited by Google.

Much of the content contained in the study guide is focused on site speed. Google notes that most visitors to a mobile site will leave if the site doesn't load in under 3 seconds, but, yet, average load times for mobile landing pages falls in the 22 second range (of course, visitors who leave before the site fully loads, aren't going to be clicking on Google ads either).

It's important to note that the program exam isn't focused on iOS, Android or other operating systems; however, Google's Accelerated Mobile Pages is covered (even though it's a Google project, it's now starting to be supported by others).

This new certificate program joins other exams in Analytics and AdWords in the Google Partner program; however, the certificate for AdWords is a little more involved because it requires more than just one exam to be passed.

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