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Understanding What A Low Quality Page Is

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What is Classed as a 'Low Quality Page' in the Eyes of Google?

How Google Measures 'Quality'

Google offers a fair amount of guidance about the difference between low quality and high quality, and many of these points are fairly obvious. Some of the other points are quite fascinating though, so here's the lowdown...

Google Desires Original Content

Google wants to ensure that the value searchers get from the content they find is unique. This means unique in terms of the value that is offered, rather than the phrases or words on the page. Refer to Whiteboard Friday if you have any further questions about unique value.

Google wants to see plenty of third party websites with links to a page. This shows them that the content is good quality, because people choose to reference it. Google wants the pages containing the links to be of high quality, and this hold true for both external and internal links. Therefore, if you include links on one of your website's high quality pages to other pages on your site, this is often beneficial from an SEO standpoint.

The Page Properly Addresses the Searcher's Question

The page needs to load quickly on all types of connections.
Google wants users to be able to access your site easily. You should use an intuitive design for your website that displays well on mobiles, desktops, tablets and laptops. In addition, Google likes to see external links on a page that direct to reputable sources for further information.

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