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3 Sure-fire Ways To Get More Blog Traffic


Everyone wants to drive blog traffic but it's not always obvious how to achieve that end. With billions of websites out there, how to you make people go to yours? Here are a few simple tips:

Mention People in Your Posts

No man is an island and no blogger can get traffic completely on their own (unless you want to pay a fortune in PPC prices). Therefore you need to get other people to help you share your content. One way is to write blog posts that contain contributions from other people.

Reach out to thought leaders in your vertical and ask them to help you write a post. This can be something as simple as submitting a short paragraph related to their opinion on something. Compile your post then reach back out to these folks and ask them to share the content on their networks and link to it.

Share on Social
Social media channels are good source of traffic for bloggers.  Create accounts on as many channels as you can.  If you have a small organization, ask employees to let you use their accounts as well.  Share your blog content as much as possible and try to get people to engage. 

Search Engine Optimization
Another way to drive traffic to is to optimize your posts for search.  Write about a single keyword topic and then get as many other sites to link to your post as possible.  Get links on social, from blog directories, from site owners that contributed to your post, etc.  Also make sure your post is optimized for the keyword you want to rank for and that you've chosen a keyword phrase with high search volume.

Q&A: How Can I Get More Blog Traffic?

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