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Google AMP on WordPress with the Automatic Plugin

Accelerate mobile pages are something you should setup on your WordPress site so you can serve mobile devices quick pages. The user experience will be better, users might stay longer, and your conversion rate could increase. Lets take a look at using the Automatic Google AMP plugin in WordPress.

Started by Twitter and Google, AMP is an open source standard designed to provide quicker download on mobile devices. Your content rich site probably loads too slow on a mobile device and might not look good either. With limited HTML and JavaScript, Google will cache your site on their AMP cache and deliver it directly to users.

Some positives include ranking higher in Google and a better user experience.

On negative is that limited amounts of HTML, CSS and JavaScript are available. Plugins that offer social sharing or email captures might not be available on the AMP pages. Other negatives are limited analytics integration, and advertising platforms.

With Google’s push to mobile first ranking, have an AMP site is a must.

Bloggers have complained that Google shows their cached version and makes it difficult for users to get to your site.


Install the WordPress AMP Plugin

Add the plugin to your site from the WordPress free directory. After it is installed, then Activate it. Take a look at your site by going to Appearance and AMP.


Change colors and the color scheme from this location. Make sure to add an icon to your site or Google will notify that there is an issue with your AMP pages. Customize the appearance and click on Site Identity. Find a good icon at and select the file from your hard drive. Click on Publish after the icon is uploaded and cropped.

Pages can be viewed by adding /amp/ at the end of a URL.

Go to the AMP menu and add other kinds of pages to AMP. Be default, all the posts are delivered in AMP, but you can also include pages and other items created by your theme.

Google Search Console

Your pages can be viewed in the Google Search Console by clicking on Search Appearance and Accelerated Mobile Pages.

More Customization

Yoast SEO offers a plugin that works along side your AMP Plugin called Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP. After installed and activated, there will be a new AMP menu item under the SEO menu. The Design menu gives you more image and color options.

How To Add AMP To Your WordPress Website - Accelerated Mobile Pages

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