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WP Curve and its Purchase by Godaddy

Most small businesses have in the past years been faced with the problem of solving problems or completing its tasks. However, with the advent of WP curve, this problem has been greatly reduced. Most of these small businesses usually don’t have expertise or money to employ personnel to do tasks for them. They also have little trust in outsiders but WP curve helps to solve such problems. WP curve came into existence in the year 2013 and its initial owners are Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris who are both based in Australia.

WP Curve Review

It was founded with the intention of granting customers WordPress features that include backups, security, product designs, the growth of traffic, etc. In short, it does all the activities that improve and maintains the website or any business that transact through the internet. WP curve has the potential of doing your task perfectly to an extent that you feel like you are its boss. All you have to do is subscribe to its service at a fee of about $79.00 per month and you will be rest assured to enjoy its unlimited services.

This site estimates that it has more than 1,000 active customers and that it has rendered over 44,000 jobs since the year 2013. This site is very beneficial to not only individuals and businesses whose work involve branding since it saves them time. This site comes with features that make it impressive which include:

Unlimited services

This site is quite different from the other WordPress since it can perform unlimited work for you. This, therefore, implies that it is highly marketable since it helps you save time and cost involved in branding or doing any other task associated with word press.

Wonderful offer

The cost involved in performing word press tasks is one of the key feature influencing the marketability of a WordPress. WP curve provides the best offer in the market. For instance, a fee offer of $79 per month is a wonderful offer that cannot be resisted by any customer out there. The fact that this site can also accomplish one task in the shortest time possible for one month will always make you go for it.


WP Curve is more efficient than other WordPress companies. It has the potential to solve your tasks within the shortest time possible. All you have to do is contact its developer via its Olark chat and just wait for your task to be completed.

Ability to complete its tasks earlier

The other feature that distinguishes WP curve from other WordPress companies is its ability to complete your tasks earlier than promised. It is indicated in its homepage that it can finish your task within 6 hours but usually this takes a shorter time.

Always available

WP Curve is always available since it has 39 employees in 8 countries and also offers 24/7 live chats. This ensures that you can easily reach them. It also implies that your tasks can be tackled with improved speed and security.

Secured site

WP Curve is secured since its site is free from network viruses and bugs. This ensures that customers devises are protected hence enabling the site to retain all its customers.


WP Curve is also informative in that it provides regular ideas to its customers that help them learn how to improve their sites. This makes WP Curve attractive and amazing.

It has a refund policy

Another key feature that makes WP curve attractive is its ability to refund back your money in case their task didn’t meet your standards. For instance, it provides a warranty of 30 days hence if you are not satisfied before the expiry of the warranty period you can contact them through the site in order to be refunded.

Its purchase by Godaddy

The above review described WP Curve before its purchase by Godaddy in the year 2016. Its purchase resulted in the change of its name to WP Premium Support. This purchase of WP Curve by Godaddy helped improve the features of the company’s WordPress which includes ManageWP and ManagedWordpress. Godaddy is also a good company that helps its customers complete their tasks and its purchase of WP curve was intended to boost the services it renders to its customers.

Upon its purchase, its two employees known as Brittnie and Julie and its other junior employees became part of WP Premium Support staff. Alex also joined Godaddy as the operational leader of WP Curve while its other founder, Dan left it so that he could pursue other tasks. Its customers were transfers into Godaddy’s system and their mostly ordered tasks were noted in the new WP premium Support.

The acquisition of WP Curve by Godaddy was meant to help improve the skills of Godaddy's employees so as to ensure the improvement of its WordPress services. It was also meant to ensure that Godaddy's customers were directly accorded WP Curve services.

The chief officer in charge of WordPress services at Godaddy, however, reiterated that WP Curve services were going to continue being offered as a single service and not combined with other WordPress services.

Disadvantages of its acquisition by Godaddy

From the above description of WP Curve before its purchase by Godaddy, It is quite evident that this site was very impressive. For instance, it could accomplish customers’ task within the shortest time and even offer an irresistible offer to its customers. Its purchase, however, came with some challenges that rendered it less attractive than before. For example, its purchase resulted in a very confusing moment for its customers. Its customers were also charged more as compared to before. Besides, the Godaddy customer care representatives failed to contact its customers in an effort to enlighten them on its transition process. The Godaddy could not also perform the tasks given to them by WP Curve customers and instead, its officers went silent. Godaddy company has, however, undergone through tremendous growth and has continued to provide the best WordPress services. This is because WP Curve Godaddy helps provide the best WordPress services such as Security, plugins installations, fast changes in content, etc. With its purchase, there was an elimination of the WordPress gaps that existed in Godaddy Company.

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