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Ungagged London 2019


An Unconventional SEO and Digital Marketing conference that presents results with real-world digital marketing concepts.

Ungagged London is a conference of SEO and Digital Marketing that is going to take place on April 1 and 2 including one-day intensive masterclasses on 3rd of April. The conference will take place at etc.Venues County Hall. The venue is located on the Southbank of the Thames. The area is filled with restaurants, bars, and pubs and it’s really easy to go there through a bus or underground links. A lot of forwarding thinking and revolutionary Digital Marketers will gather at one place to share their unrestricted knowledge and Internet marketing strategies. The purpose of Ungagged London is to provide information to intermediate and advanced digital marketers so that they can learn new industry insights to run their work and events and identify new business opportunities. The event will cover all the topics related to the Digital marketing area including link building, SEO- what is currently working and what’s not, local SEO and technical SEO, SEM- Key search Engine marketing strategies, PPC, CRO- convention rate optimization, content marketing that helps you to identify effective ways of refining content, analytics, mobile marketing, social media marketing, marketing strategies, Email marketing and GDPR ( General Data Protection Act), reputation management, Affiliate sales – the most successful maneuver to push search traffic and many more in this field. The digital marketing experts share tips, tricks and tactics of this field to help you discover new opportunities. The policy of ungagged event is “no fluff and no sales pitches.” If you are tired of hearing conventional ways of work, then this Ungagged London brings you the opportunity to hear and experience things in an unconventional way.

Digital Marketing is such a field where new strategies, technologies, and analytics are coming every single day. Ungagged Event brings together all the necessary and useful information and strategies of digital marketing at one place. You will learn all the latest actionable strategies and unfiltered advice that actually works.

Speakers of the ungagged London event:

Ungagged London has been running their successful event for the past few years and it brings together most of the experts in the field of digital marketing. In 2018, some experts including Aleyda Solis, Dixon Jones, Hannah Thorpe, and Ross Tavendale came. In 2019, the top digital marketers will also be present and give effective tips.

This year, more than 25 speakers will be present at this event. Among the speakers, there will be Jenna Tiffany, Dixon Jones, Bastian Grimm, Jono Alderson, Marty Weintraub, Greg Gifford, Aleyda Solis, Jill Quick, Joe Sinkwitz and more expert leaders in the digital marketing field. So many things in one place are possible for the Ungagged event.

Why Ungagged London is a super event?

Any recording is not allowed there so that the speakers can freely and honestly share their digital marketing experience, insights, and strategies.
The organizers don’t allow themselves to control or censor what the speakers say.
The speaker to attendee ratio high. For every 16 attendees, there is 1 speaker so it is very easy to interact if you have any question.
Here, you will learn new marketing strategies. Remember, you will not get selling pitches here. You will get The strategies of super digital marketing.
The ticket is an all-inclusive one. You will get Wi-Fi and Meal along with all the useful information.
Ticket Options: To get new ideas and a fresh perspective, join the conference. If you want a little more, you can go for the masterclasses. You will get the chance to meet attendees and speakers more deeply because the masterclasses are one-day events in an intimate classroom setting.

Super Early Bird Tickets Are on Sale for only £599
4+ Super Early Bird Tickets Are on Sale for only £549

Masterclass on 3rd April- Technical SEO ticket is for only £599
Masterclass on 3rd April-Greg Gifford-Local SEO ticket is for only £599
Masterclass on 3rd April-Jill Quick-Analytics ticket is for only £599
The on-site Admission ticket is for only £999

From a lot of options, you can choose what you need. The accommodation will be at the venue.

UnGagged London brings you the chance to communicate with the most authoritative, skilled, powerful and learned digital marketing experts in the industry. And 75% of people who take part in ungagged are C-level and high-level decision-makers from various leading brands and agencies. This can be your chance to build the target audience and discover new business ideas. This will show you the most successful and cutting edge SEO tactics to grow your business and get new scopes of work.

UnGagged London Returns! April 1-3 2019

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