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Why Choose SEO Hosting?

Nov 14 2011

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When you’re in the stages of developing your website and marketing it, one of the more important choices that you have to make is choosing a reliable internet SEO hosting company. The reason for why SEO hosting is becoming more and more popular has to do with the fact that companies which rely on their websites want to increase efficiency and productivity.

So what exactly is SEO hosting? Although it may sound complicated and difficult to understand, SEO hosting is simply the process of IP hosting on multiple web addresses. SEO hosting has become indispensable to companies that have a number of a number of websites and web addresses.
Every computer on the internet and server that hosts websites has an IP address. An IP address is composed of numbers which are separated by dots and looks something like this:

re separated by dots. The first set of numbers is the ‘A’ class, the second set is the ‘B’ class, the third set is the ‘C’ class and the last set is the ‘D’ class. Related websites are often hosted on servers with similar ‘C’ class IPs.

Because of that, search engines are able to spot related websites straightaway especially when they cross link from within the same Class C IP addresses. When search engines see these links, they are often excluded from the ranking algorithms. On top of that, if there are too many of these links on your website, your website may even be penalized.

This is where the entire concept of SEO hosting evolved from. With SEO hosting, you get hosting on different sets of Class C IP addresses. SEO hosting becomes extremely convenient for people who have blog “farms” and mini site or cross linking networks. With the help of multiple IP hosting, the webmaster is capable of managing different domains through just one management base.

There are a number of advantages to going for multiple IP hosting. Firstly, the webmaster can save time because tedious root directory admin tasks are eliminated. Consequently, maintenance tasks are also simplified. Webmasters are also given more flexibility because new features can be added to the base site whenever it is needed. And on top of all that, multiple IP hosting also allows webmasters to place links between their own websites and these links are actually considered as valid instead of being nepotistic. 

Jason Maxwell is an SEO consultant, SEO web hosting expert, and professional blogger. Read more of Jason's blog postings on SEO and web hosting at

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