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Sponsored Tweets : Making Money on Twitter

English: A pie chart created in Excel 2007 sho...

English: A pie chart created in Excel 2007 showing the content of tweets on Twitter, based on the data gathered by Pear Analytics in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sponsored Tweets : Making Money on Twitter

Paid tweets are not a new concept. The issue of spam posts and spam users in our followers list and twitter feed is not uncommon, but the attempts are painfully apparent and easily dismissed. Ted Murphy, owner of IZEA, has begun a new venture at IZEA called SponsoredTweets. The founder has a good stream of celebrities, conventional as well as online to back his sponsored tweeting venture.

Twitter Followers and Following Back

Twitter Follow Back

Twitter Followers and Following Back

The goal of many Twitter account holders is to get as many followers as possible and to that often requires following those accounts in return. This leads to issues with trying to get useful information from your Twitter stream, but for some accounts, that might not be your purpose. Maybe your purpose is to sell tweets through one of the ad platforms like SponsoredTweets or TwittAd. And unless you are someone somewhat famous in your field, getting followers without following back is quite hard to do. is Lacking in Important Ways is Lacking in Important Ways

I have been using both and SponsoredTweets for some time to monetize Twitter, they are like the new paid posts. If you remember when John Chow taught everyone to sponsor posts on their sites until Google determined this was bad and punished every site that had paid posts. But this time Google doesn’t matter and Twitter is allowing the practice of paid tweets. The big two companies in this advertising area are and SponsoredTweets. If you are not signed up, you should. As long as you do not have issue with promoting products to your Twitter followers.

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