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Microsoft Making its World Partner Conference in Toronto a Repeat Event

NEW ORLEANS - JULY 14:  Steve Ballmer, Chief E...

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Microsoft's Worldwide Partner Conference used to be a series of conferences held in various places around the world that showcased the work its global divisions did on behalf of the US-based tech giant. It has since unified its conference into just one large event, held in one area Microsoft serves and operates in, on a yearly basis in the middle of the summer. It was held in Toronto in 2004, and will be again next year. And perhaps that's Microsoft's way of apologizing to the city for fleeing its early-decade SARS outbreak -- or thanking it for uniting many conferences into just one event.

Microsoft Windows August Security Update

 Windows 7

Microsoft has released a new Security Update, fixing some critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Windows, MS Word, and various other programs.  The new update is touted as a record-setting package, claiming the most fixes ever released on one day, a part of Patch Tuesdays by Microsoft.  This major update introduces 14 patches that address 34 distinct vulnerabilities, four of which are extremely critical in nature.

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Microsoft Test Bounties

Internt Explorer Bugs

Creating software is no easy task but testing it and finding all the bugs is even more difficult. Many companies, including Mozilla and Google are willing to offer up to $3,000 as a bounty to anybody who brings a serious security issue with their browsers to their attention. The same cannot be said if you find a bug hidden in Internet Explorer.

Microsft Webmatrix: The New Innovation

Microsoft WebMatrix.jpg

Microsft Webmatrix: The New Innovation

An innovative free of charge solution created by Microsoft is intended to streamline the operations necessary to construct, modify as well as position internet sites above Windows. WebMatrix is this solution and it works by giving out a package comprised of an internet server, a database, in addition to programming frameworks. The built-in experience is obtainable as an integral part of the Microsoft Web Platform, and is intended to deliver web designers leveraging the Windows platform by means of a small download size (15MB download, if .NET 4 isn't installed then 50mbs), straightforward and simple internet stack.

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