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Tips from a Lead Software Engineer

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Question: What do you do at Ungerboeck?

Joe: I manage the CRM team which handles a lot of the account contact, opportunity area of the software. We work on customer relationship management and keep track of what salespeople would use. For example, if the salesperson has a new account, they’d enter the phone number, address, notes, etc. into our system. They’d do the same with individual contacts for each account. They may also enter a prospective account and information about the potential revenue, source of the lead, and such.

Management Tools to Maximize Sales Lead Conversion

CRM System

Sales are the 'bread and butter' of most businesses, and therefore managing sales leads is a vital task, however salespeople and sales managers often have limited time available for reviewing processes and the administrative tasks involved in lead tracking. Basic management of sales leads involves holding all the contact information that has been provided and any activity such as when attempts to contact them have been made. Good sales management tools, such as web-based CRM, can go much further and help you maximize the conversation of leads into actual sales.

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